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Self-Seal Envelopes – Are They the New Hermeticism?

Frankly, I doubt it. There was very little wrong with the Old Hermeticism.

My placid nature forbids further comment on this issue. Thank you.


"With"; Are You Prepared?

In this limbo between Xmas for some, and New Year for others, my help-meet and tax advisor Mrs. fforbes-Watson has been a pillar of sanity and marzipan. I would doff my hat to you, Euphegenia, but I have been advised by my Physicians (for they are legion) that these days I must practise safe head. What Party-Poopers they all are.

The full stop…where will it end?

Lately I have wondered; what is wondering? The nature of wonder is a wonder of nature, so why not enjoy it to the full, and purchase gnat hosiery on a regular basis, if only to confuse your local haberdasher.

Make those unsightly gnat appendages more sightly, and have a good “yo ho ho” to boot, with our latest range. Now comes in ultra-sheer 0 denier for extra comfort when beating yourself to death against an 11 watt energy saver, or getting totally confused by a lampshade. Instantly combustable in candle flames. Leave no clues whatsoever for Forensics!

Buy now to avoid avoidance.

Well, Well, Mr. Frubejacket…What Ails Thee?

do the vienetta!

Frenetic qualities in mint

This headline is misleading…please remove it grisly.

On fronds and other squelch

Will this agony, this tragic confusion ever reach a despairing, shrunken end? Oh, it just did. The mixture of antimony calcinated by lead, gold and the fermented spirit of a large chocolate spongecake (almonds not withstanding) have led to great advances in the alchemical arts. But what of starting sentences with conjunctions? We need to sort out our priorities. In fact it’s the first thing we should do.

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